Summer paving scams under way

Summer paving scams under way

The Construction Contractors Board (CCB) is investigating the season’s first reports of paving scams across the state.

“Homeowners should be wary of people who knock on the door and make an offer to pave a driveway at an unrealistic price,” Lead Investigator Eric McLauchlin said.

The CCB is looking into recent reports of scams in the rural areas north of Salem. Typically, someone comes to the door, says they have leftover supplies from other work in the neighborhood, drops the name of a neighbor, then makes a lowball offer to pave a driveway. They are often ready to start immediately, which doesn’t allow the customer time to reconsider.

The scammer takes money up front and then performs shoddy work with low-grade materials. Often, they return to demand more money through intimidation.

Contact the CCB

“Please contact the CCB if you suspect construction scams in your area,” McLauchlin said.

Call the CCB at 503-934-2229. You can also report scams to local law enforcement agencies.

Scam suspects are often unlicensed, but not always. The CCB is looking into reports of a known “traveler” – someone that is based out of state and shows up seasonally. These are often families with male and female participants.

Consumers can look up a contractor on the CCB website to see if they are actively licensed and whether complaints have been filed against them. Visit The easiest and most accurate way to search is to type the contractor’s CCB license number in the orange “Search” feature.

Nearly all home improvement work requires a CCB license, meaning the contractor has a bond and insurance that offer some protection to consumers.